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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

"During patient wellness efforts and chronic care management plans, consistent and reliable patient access to care is essential. Non-emergency medical transportation is a core solution to patient care access among populations facing transportation barriers."


What is non-emergency medical transportation?

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) includes transportation services offered to patient and healthcare consumers who face extraordinary barriers getting to their medical appointments.

Those barriers can include not having a valid license, not having a working vehicle in the household, being unable to travel or wait for services alone, or having a physical, cognitive, mental, or development limitation.


We offer transportation both to and from the appointment.

Home Care Services

"We help you ensure that activities of daily living are met."


What do we do here?

We offer various forms of care that allow people to stay in their homes independently and happily. This includes assistance in various areas such as: grooming, dressing, toilet use, bathing, eating, medication management, and more.


Let's give you the care you need.

Senior Concierge

"We provide special services that help seniors to complete daily tasks that can become difficult with age."


With this service, our clients rest assured that any task they need assistance with will be taken care of. These tasks can include virtually anything from simple household chores to transportation, grocery shopping, and pet care.


Let's give you the care you need.

Daily Living Assistance

We assist you in your day-to-day activities including but not limited to Bathing, Dressing, Light housekeeping, Meal preparation and feeding, Medication reminders, Walking, and Ambulation.


Let's give you the care you need.


We help you keep the house clean and organized, including:


  • Clearing away dishes after meals

  • Hang up towels and washcloths to dry or place in laundry

  • Wiping down spills and sanitizing surfaces

  • Dusting off surfaces

  • Taking out trash

  • Sweeping and vacuuming floors

  • Drawing baths and setting out towels

  • Cleaning sink, bath tub and toilet after use

  • Changing bed linens

  • Tending to house plants

  • Cleaning up clutter

  • Organizing closets and drawers


Let's make your place spotless.

Caring Companionship

Companionship care aims to reduce or prevent loneliness in an elderly person. Companionship care provides support for those who are isolated and lonely. We provide our clients with more than a caregiver – we’re also your friends. We understand the need to let your thoughts be heard, and we’re more than happy to provide that listening ear. If ever you feel stressed or simply want someone to laugh and joke with, you can feel comfortable knowing the Sunlight caregivers are there with and for you.


Let's give you the care you need.

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